The Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Posted Thursday, Aug 04, 2022

Did you know that at Italy Blue Auto Sales in Miami, Fl, you can consign a car with less than $10,000? It is not necessary to invest so much money to have a good car that is pre-owned, reliable, comfortable and attractive, we give you more and more opportunities to enjoy a comfortable vehicle and to trust this wonderful dealership. Check out our list of the best used cars under $10,000

Ford Fusion

Starting this list of used cars, we have one of the most elegant, you could take a look at this 2015 FORD FUSION. Born in 2006 with the American market in mind, the Fusion is a Ford car that could be an interesting purchase if you're looking for a family sedan with some luxury. Check the link of our page in Italy Blue Miami-Florida where you can see this model in detail and buy it!


In Italy Blue Miami-Usa The Cooper lineup includes hardtop, coupe, convertible and roadster models. Body styles come in base and S trim levels, with S models turbocharged for more power. Although there is no car like a Mini, the four-person Cooper Cooper competes with the Volkswagen Eos, VW Beetle and BMW 1 Series. We have the mini hardtop model available in italy blue Florida-Usa, you won't find cars Preserved used cars in all of Miami. Check this link and get the information you need.


Minivans have to carry the stigma of being called vehicles for moms or in colloquial terms, mom-mobiles, but the reality is that currently there is no such versatile vehicle to accommodate so many people and with the level of comfort with which makes a minivan. In truth, trips in this type of vehicle feel much shorter for parents and children. At Italy Blue Miami-Usa we have this beautiful van available. Check out our list of the latest used cars.


The C-Class may be a compact sedan but it's also a solid, agile, quiet, comfortable and credible luxury car. At Italy Blue Usa, we have the availability of this beautiful used truck but without any details.


At Italy Blue Miami-Florida we have the availability of the 2007 Lexus is model with a multifunctional steering wheel covered in leather that is adjustable in height, depth and electrically with easy entry. Front tires 225mm wide, 45% profile and speed index: Y ; conventional type, rear tires 245 mm wide, 45% profile and speed index: Y; conventional type. 2.5 liter engine (2,500 cc), 6 cylinders in V with four valves per cylinder, 83 mm bore, 77 mm stroke, compression ratio: 12. For more details visit our Italy Blue Usa profile.

2012 FIAT 500

Would you like to have a used but well preserved car? Italy Blue Miami-Usa is the answer! look at this Fiat 500 Lounge 1.2 69 CV (2010-2012) it has a 1242 cc gasoline engine with 4 cylinders located in line that reaches a maximum power of 69 CV at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 102 Nm at 3000 rpm. It is therefore a mechanical with a specific power of 69 hp. you can go to the following link and buy this beautiful car.


The BMW 3 Series is a series of high-end models from the D-segment of the manufacturer BMW with which the firm reaches the highest production numbers. It has been produced for seven generations. In June 1975, the first Series 3 was presented as a technical update of the Series 02. And at Italy Blue Miami-Usa, we have it available, we are the most professional used car dealer!


The interior is spacious and shows a very good level of finishes, combining hard and soft plastics and aluminum details, as well as wood applications for the more expensive models. The seats offer great comfort, and three adults can be accommodated on the rear bench without major problems. Visit Italy Blue Miami-Usa, we have this model available.

Are you ready to have the best used car, but without details?

At Italy Blue Miami-Usa we make it possible. We are the best dealership in all of Miami! Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer all your questions and offer you the car you need